Captain America Civil War 2016 Wiki, Story, Trailer, Box Office

Captain America Civil War is going to rock in the Box Office on 6th May 2016 as it is a movie having thrill and action filled with buckets. Yeah! It will be having thrilling moments, which will amaze audience and I am sure, all of you would love to watch it in theaters.

It is expected the Captain America Civil War Box Office Collection will be very good, it will earning a very good amount.

Now, we are here to give all the details about, Captain America Civil War 2016 Wiki, Story, Trailer, Box Office, Teams, Cast, and all other info about this movie.

So, let’s get started and take a look at the Story of this Movie.

Captain America Civil War 2016 Story

Short Story: -Interference of Country Politics causes Fight Between Iron Man and Captain America.

Long Story:- After the big damage done by avengers, Politics comes in-between, who wants avenger’s to be directed and monitored, but Steve Rogers doesn’t seem to agree with this as he wants avengers to work freely for the betterment of the country, whereas on the other hand, Tony Stark decides to support governments decision, which creates a rift between them and created two different camps.

Captain America Civil War Wiki 2016

As you all know, Captain America Civil War is a superhero movie releasing 6th may featuring starts like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Emily VanCamp, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Frank Grillo, Daniel Brühl, and William Hurt.

It is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and this move is the sequel of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

If you want more Wiki about this movie, then check this Wikipedia page.

Captain America Civil War Teams 2016

As you have already seen, there will be two teams lead by the heroes.

Team Iron Man

  • War Machine
  • Black Widow
  • Black Panther
  • The Vision

Team Captain America

  • Hawkeye
  • Sharon Carter
  • Falcon
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Ant-Man

There is still no confirmation about Hulk or the Spider-Man.

Captain America Civil War Trailer 2016

Below is the Trailer of this Superhero Film.

Now, after watching trailer, you would like to get the Box Office News.

Captain America Civil War Box Office 2016

This Movie will be releasing on 6th May 2016. You should be watching it in Theaters.

It is expected that, this movie will perform big in Box Office. But to get the exact verdict, we have to wait and watch.

Captain America Civil War Cast

This is the list of full cast.

Directed by

Anthony Russo
Joe Russo

Captain America Civil War 2016 Writing Credits

Christopher Markus (screenplay) &
Stephen McFeely (screenplay)
Mark Millar (comic book)
Joe Simon (characters) and
Jack Kirby (characters)

Captain America Civil War Cast

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson
Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen
Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
Chris Evans Chris Evans
Steve Rogers / Captain America
Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr.
Tony Stark / Iron Man
Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner
Clint Barton / Hawkeye
Martin Freeman Martin Freeman
Sebastian Stan Sebastian Stan
Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
Paul Rudd Paul Rudd
Scott Lang / Ant-Man
Tom Holland Tom Holland
Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei
Aunt May (rumored)
Paul Bettany Paul Bettany
Daniel Brühl Daniel Brühl
Baron Zemo
Emily VanCamp Emily VanCamp
Sharon Carter / Agent 13
Leslie Bibb Leslie Bibb
Christine Everhart (rumored)
Frank Grillo Frank Grillo
Brock Rumlow / Crossbones
Stan Lee Stan Lee
Anthony Mackie Anthony Mackie
Sam Wilson / Falcon
Chadwick Boseman Chadwick Boseman
T’Challa / Black Panther
William Hurt William Hurt
Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross
Don Cheadle Don Cheadle
James Rhodes / War Machine
Heidi Moneymaker Heidi Moneymaker
Super Soldier 3
Jane Wu Jane Wu
UN Staffer Wu
Surely Alvelo Surely Alvelo
Gene Farber Gene Farber
Ray Sahetapy Ray Sahetapy
Florence Kasumba Florence Kasumba
Security Chief
Patti Schellhaas Patti Schellhaas
MIT Parent
Rafael Banasik Rafael Banasik
Bargeman #2
Amelia Morck Amelia Morck
UN Staffer Gibson
Austin Handle Austin Handle
British Military
William Ngo William Ngo
Bidder #2
Alexander Yassin Alexander Yassin
U.N. Delegate representing Indonesia
Blair Jasin Blair Jasin
Raft Guard
De'Adrian Harmon De’Adrian Harmon
Affluent International Traveler
Jason Speer Jason Speer
Swiss Ambassador
Erick Wofford Erick Wofford
German Tech Agent
Brent McGee Brent McGee
GSG9 Helicopter Pilot
Duane Moseley Duane Moseley
Rajeev Pahuja Rajeev Pahuja
MIT Professor
Chris Theisinger Chris Theisinger
Vienna Fireman
Lon Nease Lon Nease
Funeral Mourner
Christof Veillon Christof Veillon
Bidder #3
Michael A. Cook Michael A. Cook
MRI Tech
Teo Ciltia Teo Ciltia
United Nation Delegate
Gregory Lee Cason Gregory Lee Cason
Silvina Buchbauer Silvina Buchbauer
News Reporter
Taylor McPherson Taylor McPherson
German Tech Agent
Brian Gonzalez Brian Gonzalez
UN Political Aide
Beverly Hanley Beverly Hanley
UN Delegate
Candiss Nicole Gandy Candiss Nicole Gandy
MIT Grad Student
Alberto Tito Matos Jr. Alberto Tito Matos Jr.
Upscale Man
Cody Mark Hanna Cody Mark Hanna
Graduate Student
Kimberly Russell Kimberly Russell
Upscale Funeral Patron
Anthony B. Harris Anthony B. Harris
A Royal Guard
Sarai Tinck Sarai Tinck
MIT Graduate Student
Lainey Kloes Lainey Kloes
Missy Crowder-Compton Missy Crowder-Compton
Ben Hioe Ben Hioe
Bidder #1
Carsten Berger Carsten Berger
U.N. Delegate
Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex
IFID (uncredited)
Lindsay Small Barrios Lindsay Small Barrios
Task Force Agent (uncredited)
Jae Bireley Jae Bireley
MIT Student (uncredited)
Bricine Brown Bricine Brown
Nigerian Peddler (uncredited)
Tyler Carden Tyler Carden
MIT Grad Student (uncredited)
Chuck Clark Chuck Clark
Delegate (uncredited)
Jameson Jamey Copeland Jameson Jamey Copeland
Pub Patron (uncredited)
William Curtis Coppersmith William Curtis Coppersmith
German Agent (uncredited)
Marisol Correa Marisol Correa
U.N. Official Press (uncredited)
Jackie Dallas Jackie Dallas
Funeral Mourner (uncredited)
Nicole Davis Nicole Davis
Nigerian Cafe Guest / Pedestrian (uncredited)
Justin East Justin East
Nigerian Tourist (uncredited)
Martavious Gayles Martavious Gayles
MIT Grad Student (uncredited)
Devan Gerlach Devan Gerlach
MIT Graduate Student (uncredited)
Tahseen Ghauri Tahseen Ghauri
Upscale Funeral Goer (uncredited)
Alonso Grandío Alonso Grandío
Graduate Student (uncredited)
Rory Healy Rory Healy
UN Delegate (uncredited)
Umar Khan Umar Khan
Hero Mercenary (uncredited)
Sanya Kongdara Sanya Kongdara
Upscale Man (uncredited)
Dominic M. Lee Dominic M. Lee
Nigerian Pedestrian (uncredited)
Adrian Lockett Adrian Lockett
Mercenary (uncredited)
Dorry Marie Dorry Marie
Nigerian Cafe Guest / Pedestrian (uncredited)
Michael Mercaldi Michael Mercaldi
Agent (uncredited)
Rob Muller Rob Muller
Reporter (uncredited)
Anna Phillips Anna Phillips
Ivy League Student (uncredited)
Lare Roberts Lare Roberts
Funeral Dignitary (uncredited)
Anthony J Sacco Anthony J Sacco
Upscale Funeral Goer (uncredited)
Heather Schell Heather Schell
Upscale Mourner (uncredited)
Mike Sibley Mike Sibley
Brigadier General UK Army (uncredited)
Jay Silla Jay Silla
MIT Student (uncredited)
Manesh k Singh Manesh k Singh
U.N. Delegate representing India (uncredited)
Emma Ve Emma Ve
Bidder (uncredited)
Kim Yannayon Kim Yannayon
MIT Graduate Student (uncredited)
Alex Zelenka Alex Zelenka
Upscale Man (uncredited)
Peter Luis Zimmerman Peter Luis Zimmerman
MIT Student (uncredited)

Captain America Civil War 2016 Produced by

Victoria Alonso executive producer
Mitchell Bell co-producer
Louis D’Esposito executive producer
Kevin Feige producer
Alan Fine executive producer
Christoph Fisser co-producer
Stan Lee executive producer
Henning Molfenter co-producer
Nate Moore executive producer
Trinh Tran associate producer
Patricia Whitcher executive producer
Lars P. Winther associate producer
Charlie Woebcken co-producer

Captain America 2016 Music by

Henry Jackman

Captain America Movie Cinematography by

Trent Opaloch

Captain America Film Editing by

Jeffrey Ford

Casting By

Sarah Finn

Production Design by

Owen Paterson

Captain America Civil War 2016 Art Direction by

Greg Berry supervising art director
Gregory S. Hooper
David Scott

Set Decoration by

Ronald R. Reiss

Costume Design by

Judianna Makovsky

Captain America Civil War 2016 Makeup Department

Allan A. Apone makeup artist for chris evans
Jeri Baker Personal hairstylist to Scarlett Johansson
Kristin Berge assistant department head hairstylist
Michelle Ceglia 3rd hairstylist
Cydney Cornell hair stylist: Robert Downey Jr.
Laura Dandridge makeup artist
Deborah La Mia Denaver personal makeup artist: Scarlett Johansson
Camille Friend hair department head
Gillian Jarvis trainee silicone runner: The Vision
Ailsa Lawson silicone technician: The Vision
Craig Lindberg 2 day hire
Bart Mixon special makeup effects artist: the Vision
Fawn Ortega key makeup artist
Bryan Reynolds special makeup effects artist: vision & crossbones stunts
Kristie Southcott silicone technician: The Vision
Robert Wilson hair stylist

Captain America Civil War Production Management

Danielle Daly post-production supervisor
Arni Hansson unit production manager: Iceland
Don J. Hug unit production manager: Puerto Rico
Bruno Loureiro production manager: Brazil unit
Nadia Paine production supervisor
Leeann Stonebreaker unit production manager
Júlio Uchoa executive in charge of production: Braziian unit

Captain America Civil War 2016 Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Dennis Becker second second assistant director: Germany
Tom Browne floor second assistant director: second unit (Berlin)
Christy Busby second assistant director: second unit
Dominic Fysh first assistant director: second unit
Brian Avery Galligan second assistant director
Katy Galow staff additional second assistant director
Christiana Hug third assistant director: cast – Germany
Nathan Kimball additional second assistant director: second unit
David Leitch second unit director
Steve Love first assistant director: second unit
Todd Manes additional second assistant director
Jayson Merrill first assistant director: second unit
Ryan J. Pezdirc additional second assistant director
Darrin Prescott second unit director
Spiro Razatos second unit director
Kai Siggelkow third assistant director: Germany
Robin Spears second second assistant director: second unit
James Edward Tilden additional second assistant director
Lars P. Winther first assistant director

Captain America 2016 film Art Department

Chris Baumstieger stand-by propmaker: germany
Edward Bearden III gang boss: welder
Richard Bennett storyboard artist
Dustin Berry set decoration buyer
Russell Bobbitt property master
Maxwell Britton set dresser
Kenneth Carroll props assistant
A.J. Caulfield set dresser and onset dresser
Larry Clark paint supervisor
Sarah Contant set designer
John Coven storyboard artist
Tim Croshaw set designer
Nick S. Cross set designer
Andres Cubillan assistant art director
Darrin Denlinger storyboard artist
Mariano Díaz concept artist / production designer
Dan Engle model maker
Monica Fedrick graphic designer
Lisa Fiorito art department researcher
Max Fisher digital asset manager
Michael Fissneider assistant art director: Germany
Eckart Friz property master: germany
Seth Gardner propmaker foreman
Matthew Gatlin assistant art director
Liz Georgoff Legacy Effects Technician
Martin J. Gibbons welding supervisor
Michael Gowen construction buyer
Vanessa Grayson “additional props”
Theresa Greene art department coordinator
Kaitlyn Hamby utility
Rob Hamby propmaker foreman
Brock Helfer Set dressing key gangboss
Bryan Wilson Hembree utility
Jen Hicks set dresser
Russell Hightower utility gangboss
Scott Johnson on-set dresser
Annika Kiel graphic designer: germany
Maciej Kuciara concept illustrator
April LaBranche set decoration coordinator
Blade Ladish set dresser
Andrew H. Leung concept artist
Anthony Liberatore storyboard artist
Ron Licari prop master: second unit
Kate Lowry art production assistant
Brett McGinnis scenic
Stacey S. McIntosh construction coordinator
Liz Metz props assistant
Michael Meyers concept illustrator / concept illustrator: Props
James Miller lead sculptor
John Naehrlich leadman
Sonny Nguyen prop maker
Josh Nizzi senior illustrator
Andrea Onorato set designer
Andy Park lead concept artist
Marie Patzer assistant prop master: germany
Brett Phillips Lead Model Maker
Courtney Pickens set dec assistant
Whitney Pickens property administrator
Manuel Plank-Jorge concept artist
Alexander K. Riba set dresser
John H. Russell construction buyer
Silvie Sachseneder stand-by props: germany
Soeren Schaller additional assistant on-set props: germany (as Sören Schaller)
Nathan Schroeder illustrator
Stefan Sellin stand-by props: 2.unit germany
Edward Skade sculptor
Marion Rex Smith set dresser
Steven Spelman props assistant
Mike Stassi set designer
Jim Stubblefield assistant property master
Jackson Sze senior illustrator
William Thibodeau prop maker: gangboss
John Thomason Second unit stand by painter
Sean David Tyler painter
Julie Vash art pa
Trinh Vu set designer
Brian A. Waits set designer
Jim Wallis assistant art director

Captain America Civil War 2016 movie Sound Department

Manfred Banach sound mixer: Germany
Matt Derber 2nd unit sound utility
Thomas J. Doolittle sound utility
Phil Hadaway adr recordist
Etienne Haug boom operator: Germany
Petur Hliddal sound mixer
Daniel S. Irwin dialogue & adr editor
Randall L. Johnson boom operator
Alana Knutson 2nd unit boom operator
Daniel Laurie supervising sound editor
Alexander Lowe playback
Stuart McCowan dialogue editor
Shannon Mills sound designer / supervising sound editor
Whit Norris 2nd unit sound mixer
Marcus Petruska splinter unit boom operator
Malo Thouément boom operator: Germany

Captain America Movie 2016 Special Effects by

Darin Bouyssou specialty costume mold dept.: Ironhead Studio
Markus Butkereit breakaway technician 2nd Unit: Germany
Michelle Deville fabrication department: Legacy Effects
Andre Emme special effects technician 2nd unit: Germany
Norman Ernst special effects foreman 2nd Unit: Germany
Allison Gainza special effects technician
Michael Gaspar special effects foreman
Andreas Herberg special effects technician 2nd Unit: Germany
Todd Jensen special effects technician
Jessica Lang special effects technician
Michael Luppino special effects foreman 2nd Unit: Germany
Klaus Mielich special effects technical & crew coordinator: Germany
Joel Mitchell special effects foreman
Gerd Nefzer special effects coordinator: Germany / special effects supervisor: second unit Germany
Darin O’Neill special effects technician
Monty Ploch special effects technician 2nd Unit: Germany
Marcus Preussing lead pyrotechnician 2nd Unit: Germany
Adam Wesley Ross digital sculpting department: Ironhead Studio / digital sculpting department: Quantum Creation FX
Michael Rudnik floor supervisor 2nd Unit: Germany
Jens Schmiedel special effects foreman: Germany
Jacob Stutesman special effects technician
Daniel Sudick special effects supervisor
Cale Thomas Painter Legacy FX
Michael A. Tice special effects technician
Carsten Woithe special effects basic & cad designer 2nd Unit: Germany

Captain America Civil War 2016 Visual Effects by

Keith Anthony-Brown visual effects production assistant: ILM
Nicole Ashford layout artist
Matthew Bacon roto paint artist: Luma Pictures
Alexandre Bain digital compositor
Richard Baker Stereo Supervisor: Prime Focus
Jason Barlow digital artist: ILM
Uttham Bhalaykar roto prep
Justin Brunett animator: Luma Pictures
Genevieve Camilleri senior compositor: Industrial Light and Magic
Huseyin Caner visual effects supervisor
Jordan Cario FX TD: Method Studios
Miguel Chan matchmove
Rachan Chirarattanakornkul tracking/layout
Tony Como digital paint & roto department supervisor: BaseFX
Coral D’Alessandro pre-vis consultant
Gaston Dalmau visual effects
Cole Darby visual effects coordinator: Luma Pictures
Michael Dillon di producer
Spencer Dinney paint artist
Megan Dolman digital artist: ILM
Colin Duffy visual effects production assistant: ILM
Eric Durante visual effects artist (as Eric T. Durante)
Katherine Farrar visual effects associate producer
Domenico Ferraro lighting td
Christopher Finley visual effects data wrangler
Dan Finnegan FX TD: ILM
Juan Flores senior finishing assist: Technicolor
Lauren Manuel Garcia Carro lookdev artist: double negative
Angela Giannoni senior digital compositor
Pam Gonzales paint artist: method studios
Frank Gravatt digital modeller
Luke Gray technical director
Meagan Green roto paint artist: Luma Pictures
Johannes Gross senior lighter: Luma Pictures
Bryan Haines digital compositor
Claire Harrison creature technical director: Industrial Light & Magic
Fathy Hassan visual effects artist
Josh Herman digital sculptor
Ritchie Hoyle matchmove artist
Drew Huntley digital compositor
Evan Jacobs stereoscopic supervisor
Ebrahim Jahromi lead creature technical director: ILM
Jeff Kasunic visual effects artist: Double Negative
Mark Keetch digital modeler: ILM
Daniel Kepler technical coordinator: Luma Pictures
Laura Killmaster creature technical director: ILM
Nicholas Kim digital compositor
Celine Lam junior visual effects coordinator: Luma Pictures
François Lambert compositing supervisor: ILM
John M. Levin layout artist: Industrial Light and Magic
Tong Jason Lin effects technical director
Matthew Lloyd visual effects coordinator
Philip Lücke digital compositor: method studios
Susan Ma integration department manager: Method Studios Vancouver
Garry Maddison colourist: Double Negative
Marco Manzini digital artist: Double Negative
Jenna Mateo rotopaint artist
Jason McKeeman lead creature technical director: ILM
Himanshu Meena Senior matchmove artist
Jie Meng effects artist: Method Studios
Ally Miller visual effects production coordinator: ILM
Jennifer Mizener visual effects coordinator
Brittany Montero visual effects coordinator
Kristine Nadal visual effects accountant
Ben Neall senior texture artist
Christopher Newman match move artist
Onesimus Nuernberger digital matte painter: Method Studios
Eugene Paluso matchmover: and tracking
Nikul Patel visual effects
Anthony Peck lead digital compositor: Method Studios
Samuel Perkins visual effects editor: Double Negative
William Phillips matchmove artist
Navin Pinto senior creature technical director: ILM
Daniel Post digital artist
Pavel Pranevsky cg supervisor: Luma Pictures
Pasquale Riefoli effects technical director: Double Negative
Brian Ripley digital artist
Loren Robinson visual effects artist
Michelle Ross visual effects artist
Arvid Schneider lighting & lookdev td: Cinesite / show td: Cinesite
Ziad Shureih digital compositor
Aleksandra Sienkiewicz sequence lead compositor: Method Studios
Nic Sievers modeler: ILM
Joe Woodward Stevenson layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Donald Strubler Jr. digital compositor
Abe Taraky concept artist: Luma Pictures
Jean-Yves Teillet Senior Lighting TD: ILM
Dan Tellwright matchmove artist
Werner Ten Hoeve compositor
Marie Tollec fx td: ILM
Sierra Turner lidar/cyber/prop scanning technician
Jen Underdahl visual effects producer
Ron Underdahl wrangler/photographer
Mauricio Valderrama compositor
Henry van der Beek technical director
Jose A. Velazquez visual effects production assistant
James William Visconti III computer playback engineer
Bruce Wabbit visual effects artist
James Waterson lead compositor: Luma Pictures
Talmage Watson digital artist
Evan Wen compositor
Sauyan Wong data i/o manger
Glenn Woodburn lidar/cyber/prop scanning supervisor
Ji Hyun Yoon visual effects
Fabio Zapata tracking/layout supervisor: Method Studios
Greg Zdunek junior pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures

Captain America Civil War Movie Stunts

Keith Adams stunts
Chris Jai Alex stunts
Donny Bailey stunt driver
Raven-Danielle Baker stunt performer
Sala Baker stunt performer
Joanna Bennett stunt double: Emily VanCamp
Mustafa Beyter stunts: mustafa beyter
Michael Boettcher military advisor
Brandon Bowens precision car driver
Shellita Boxie stunt performer
Jeanette Branch stunts
Cornell Brandon utility stunts
Scheryl W Brown stunts
Dartenea Bryant stunt performer
Jan Böhme stunts
Jwaundace Candece stunts
Vonzell Carter stunt performer
Richard Cetrone stunt double: Paul Bettany
Paul Chappell precision driver
Alvin Chon stunt double: Ray Sahetapy
Jason Chu stunt double: Black Panther
Tye Claybrook Jr. stunt performer
Doug Coleman stunt supervisor
Stephen Conroy stunts
Brycen Counts utility stunts
Thomas Joseph Culler utility stunts
Jaeson M. Daniels stunt performer
Gui DaSilva-Greene Stunt Double: Black Panther
Elizabeth Davidovich stunts
Keith Davis stunts
Kent De Mond stunts
Julius Denem utility stunts
Thomas Dewier stunts
Holland Diaz stunts
Arturo Dickey utility stunts
Josh Diogo stunts
Alyma Dorsey stunt performer
Kevin Dyer stunts
Richard Epper utility stunts
Guy Fernandez stunts
Monique Ganderton stunt performer
Mickey Giacomazzi stunt coordinator
Andy Gill stunt coordinator: second unit
Dante Ha stunt performer
Garrett Hammond stunt performer
Jas Hardy precision driver (as Laidee P. Jas)
Daniel Hargrave stunts
Sam Hargrave fight coordinator / stunt coordinator
Regis Harrington utility stunts
Thayr Harris utility stunts/stunt rigger
Jimmy Hart utility stunts
Alexander Hashioka Oatfield stunt performer
Nicholas Hayner stunt performer
Randy Haynie stunt rigger
Zac Henry stunt rigger 2nd unit
Jason Charles Hill motorcycle stunt double: Sebastian Stan/Winter Soldier
Nate Hitpas stunt performer
Crystal Hooks stunt double: Scarlett motorcycle / stunt double: scarlett johansson moto
Florian Hotz stunt coordinator (stunt coordinator Germany)
Damita Jane Howard stunt performer
Jacob Hugghins stunts
Michael Hugghins stunt rigging coordinator
Scott Hunter stunt performer
C.C. Ice utility stunts
Duke Jackson stunt performer
Reggie Jackson stunt performer
Zee James stunts
Antonia Jauß stunt player
Warren Jones precision driver
Bobby Jordan stunt performer
Antal Kalik stunt performer
Steve Kelso stunt driver
Umar Khan stunts
Henry Kingi Jr. stunt driver
Ralf Koch utility stunts
Efka Kvaraciejus utility stunts
Bethany Levy stunt performer
Cheryl Lewis stunt performer
Jalil Jay Lynch stunts
Maggie Macdonald stunts
Alexander Magerl stunt rigger
Jeremy Marinas utility stunts
Hans Marrero stunts
Tony McFarr stunts
Kyle Mclean stunt double: Jeremy Renner
Sarah Molasky stunt double: Elizabeth Olsen
Heidi Moneymaker stunt double: scarlett johansson
Dave Moro precision driver
Spencer Mulligan stunt performer
Robert Nagle stunt driver
Niko Nedyalkov stunts
Phi-Long Nguyen stunts
Dan B. Norris stunts
Elizabeth Nouri assistant to stunt coordinator
Allan Padelford stunt driver
Travis Parker stunt performer
Denney Pierce stunts
Leo Plank Key Stunt Specialist GER
Spiro Razatos stunt coordinator
Sarah Reagin stunts
Greg Rementer stunt double: Frank Grillo/Crossbones / stunt double: Sebastian Stan/Winter Soldier / stunt double: War Machine
Jimmy N. Roberts : Bucky motorcycle stunts
Marvin Ross stunt performer
Maya Santandrea stunts
R. Matthew Scheib stunts
Cale Schultz stunts
Nathaniel “Nate” Scott precision driver
Josh Seifert utility stunts
John J. Shim stunt performer
Jackson Spidell Captain America Stunt Double
Daniel Stevens stunt double: Iron Man
Larnell Stovall stunts
Eric Stratemeier stunts
Todd Rogers Terry stunt performer
Matt Thompson stunts
Aaron Toney stunt double: Anthony Mackie/Falcon
Amy Lynn Tuttle stunt performer
Eric VanArsdale stunt performer
Mark Aaron Wagner stunt double: Paul Rudd/Ant-Man
Joe Williams utility stunts
Nico Woulard stunt performer
James Young fight choreographer / stunt double: Iron Man / stunt double: Sebastian Stan
Justin Yu stunts
Gregory Fears precision driver (uncredited)

Captain America Civil War 2016 Camera and Electrical Department

Brian Adkins grip: b-unit / rigging grip
Ilya Akiyoshi digital imaging technician: Brazil unit
Samuel Andert videoassist
Peter Ayriss drone pilot
Stefan Baltz video operator assistant: second unit
Andrew Banwell first assistant camera: 2nd unit
Scott Barnes lighting console programmer
John Betancourt edge arm operator
John Bonnin libra head operator
Frank Boone Key grip: second unit
Mark ‘Boylee’ Boyle first assistant camera: “b” camera: second unit
Jeremy Braben aerial director of photography
Hugh Braselton second assistant camera
Brian Patrick Carroll fixture technician
Taylor Case second assistant camera: “e” camera
Adam Castro First Assistant Camera: additional camera
Rachel Clark second assistant camera ‘a’ camera: 2nd Unit Berlin
Michael J. Coo key grip
Jesse Cooper rigging elec gang boss rigging elec tech
Josh Cubas additional grip
Thomas M. Dangcil lighting technician
James ‘Spud’ Danicic edge system technician
Joshua Davis gaffer: second unit
Sagar Desai loader
Chad Deslatte grip: second unit
Bernd Deuber first assistant camera: second unit Berlin
Dustin D Diamond second unit loader
Joshua Earles-Bennett fixture technician
Jost Engelmayer electrician
Matt Evans additional loader: second unit
Johnny Feurer first assistant camera c-camera: Germany
Mike Fisher second assistant additional camera: second unit
Chase Flowers loader: second unit
Matt Fortlage second assistant camera: 2nd Unit, Berlin Unit
Rodell Francis digital utility: action unit / digital utility: second unit
James Biggame Gallimore video assist: splinter unit
Joey Gandolfi additional rigging grip and grip second unit
Vincent Gandolfi additional rigging grip and grip second unit / grip: additional grip first unit
Anthony Gary grip: green screen
Jorge Luis German video assist utility: second unit
Mark Goellnicht “a” camera operator / steadicam operator
Kerry Goodrum camera production assistant
Peter Graf aerial camera system tech shotover / drone tech
John Grubb company grip
Jacques Haitkin director of photography: action unit
Geoffrey Harper Rigging Grip
Taylor Hart rigging grip
Kent Harvey splinter unit director of photography/”c” camera operator
Matthew Haskins second assistant camera: “a” camera
Peter Hawkins camera operator: additional
Eric Henson digital imaging technician: second unit
Darren Holland 2nd Unit Key Grip
John Holmes First Assistant Camera, second unit
Stuart Huggins digital imaging technician: splinter unit
Larry Hurt crane technician
Thomas Hübener remote head technician
Brad Irvin electrician
Steve Irwin video playback engineer
Patrick Istorico company grip
Rafael Jeneral first assistant camera: 2nd unit Germany
Timothy Jipping grip (grip)
Alexander A. Joseph scorpio head tech
Tobias Kownatzki first assistant camera: second unit
Markus Kuballa grip
Ryan Kunkleman digital imaging technician: second unit
Steve Kupfer company grip
Eric Laudadio camera operator: second unit (as Eric R. Laudadio)
Becky Lee aerial camera assistant
Patrick Loungway director of photography (second unit): Atlanta
George Lozano Jr. fixture foreman
Nick Masters rf technician
Alexandra Matheson “C” Camera 2nd AC (as Alexandra Kanal Matheson)
Taylor Matheson first assistant camera: “a” camera
Evan Patrick McCliment video assist utility: main unit / video assist utility: second unit
David McLendon electrician
Saul McSween second assistant camera: second unit
Scott Medcalf lighting technician
Justin Memovich rigging electrician
Chris Milani best boy/electric
Richard Mirenzi camera production assistant
Nelson Moncada second assistant camera: second unit
Mic Mueller key grip: 2nd Unit Germany (as Michael Müller)
Jeff Murrell gaffer
David B. Nowell aerial director of photography
Jesse Olivares key video assist engineer
Albert Omstead electrician
Onofrio Nino Pansini camera operator
Mike Pearce gaffer: second unit
David Peirce day player grip second unit
Filipp Penson first assistant camera (NY Plate Unit)
Ryan Perdew electrician
Christopher E. Pettus rigging grip
Sean Piper dolly grip
Marek Radolf balloon lighting
Patrick Redmond edge head technician
Sam Rembert dimmer technician
Bruce Roberts 24 frame playback
Allen Robinson grip: crane arm operator: second unit
Ernest Rydberg crane tech
Christian Saalfeld balloon lighting supervisor
Robert M. Sagaser first assistant camera: second unit
James Sams best boy grip
Charles Schner camera operator: second unit
Ben Schuler rigging electrician
Cory Schulthies data manager: second Unit
David A. Seekins 1st assistant camera: “a” camera (second unit)
Adam Shell digital image technician: aerial unit
Paul Simo electrician
Jared Slater aerial camera technician
Cricket Sloat aclt rigging
James C. Sossamon additionnal grip
Kyle Spicer digital imaging technician
Roxanne Stephens second assistant camera: second unit
Mike Stiebing digital image technician: second unit
Brent Studler electrician
Stephen Stumberg hd video assist: second unit
Mark Sunderland electrician
Tarek Shayne Tabet rigging electrician (as Tarek Shayne)
Jason Talbert second unit key grip
Jason Tubbs edge arm operator
Michael J. Walker camera operator: second unit
Joel C. Warren lighting technician
Joshua Robert Warren electrician
Victoria K. Warren additional second assistant camera / second assistant camera: “a” camera – second unit
Ryan Weisen first assistant additional camera: second unit
Dan West second assistant camera: 2nd unit
Jim Whitaker second unit director of photography
Jörg Widmer camera operator “c” camera Germany
Sascha Wolfram rigging gaffer germany
Satoshi Yamazaki bestboy grip 2nd unit
Alex Zeihn electrician: Germany

Animation Department

Lee McNair animator

Captain America Civil War Movie Casting Department

Tara Feldstein casting director: Atlanta
Johnny Gidcomb adr voice casting
Nicholas A. Mudd casting assistant (as Nicholas Mudd)
Chase Paris casting director: Atlanta
Tammy L. Smith extras casting
Jason B. Stamey casting associate
Patrick Winkler extras casting assistant

Captain America Film Costume and Wardrobe Department

Chris Allegro set costumer
Javier Arrieta key costumer
Valentina Aulisi set costumer
Laura Baker key specialty costumer
Justin Bertges costumer
Carl Ulysses Bowen tailor
Dorothy Bulac specialty costume manufacturer
David Butler set costumer
Steven Butler set costumer
Joseph Richard Collins specialty costumer
Steve Constancio key set costumer
Bren Cook ager/dyer
Christian Cordella costume concept artist
Michael Crow assistant costume designer
Libby Culligan costumer
Shelby Davis costumer
Dominick De Rasmo special costume mfg
Charlie Dicus costumer
Chris Donio specialty costumer
Macarena Dorminey addit costumer
Dustin Fletcher set costumer
Myra N. Foy stitcher
Hannah Greene wardrobe coordinator
Kristi Hoffman costumer: Los Angeles
Kim M. Holly key costumer
Katie Jenkinson costume production assistant
Riki LeCotey Legacy Effects Technician
Marilyn Madsen costume manufacturing foreperson
Chris Newlander buyer
Mia Nunnally costumer
Steven Porch costume ager/dyer
Jessica Posada costume shopper
Nick Scarano costume supervisor
Gina Scarnati specialty costume manufacturer
Christopher Sempe production assistant
Trey Shaffer costume graphic designer
Sanford Slepak key costumer
Jack Taggart head ager/dyer
Lisa Tomczeszyn assistant costume designer
Carol Anne Wegner standby wardrobe
Peter White costumer: Robert Downey Jr.
Tyra Youland textile artist

Captain America Civil War 2016 Editorial Department

James Andrykowski first assistant editor
Robin Buday second assistant editor
Marc Dando digital workflow consultant
Cassie Dixon first assistant editor
Scott Fox colorist: dailies
James J.A. Houle post-production assistant
Hector Padilla apprentice editor
Wayan Blue Palmieri stereoscopic editor
Patrick Ready dailies producer
John St. Laurent On Location Digital Lab Supervisor
Christos Voutsinas first assistant editor
Brent Koetter Editorial Engineer (uncredited)

Captain America Civil War Movie Music Department

Stephen Coleman orchestrator
Maverick Dugger synth programmer
Gavin Greenaway conductor
Isobel Griffiths orchestral contractor
Matthew K. Justmann music production services
Alexander Lowe music recordist
Shannon Murphy music coordinator
Trygge Toven music coordinator

Captain America Film 2016 Transportation Department

John Armstrong picture car coordinator
Chris Basso production van driver operator
Richard Colarossi lead picture car mechanic
Rick Collins picture car captain
David J. Duran edge transport driver
Andrew English production driver
Michael Fechner picture car coordinator
Wayne Hogan driver
Adam Jeffrey biscuit tech
Declan Lambert hgv driver
James A. Lundin generator operator
Joel Marrow transportation coordinator
Dennis McCarthy picture car coordinator
Norman J. Morton driver
Jimmy Ray Pickens transportation captain
Frank Porras driver: car carrier
Graham Ready dot coordinator
Logan Sigston picture car mechanic
Randy Southerland driver / driver/transportation captain 2nd unit
Sherry L. Stanley driver
Michelle Stegall transportation assistant
Thomas Suess facilities crew: Germany
Corey Jason Thomas precision driver (as Corey Thomas)
Hank Van Apeldoorn driver
Susan Van Apeldoorn driver
Piotr Walczak transport facilities manager
Tyson Weatherford transportation captain

Captain America Civil War 2016 Other crew

Jeanette Agaronoff Assistant to Sebastian Stan
Caroline Andrade construction accountant
Alexis Auditore manager: physical production
Elecia Avila production assistant: second unit
Sean Becker second assistant accountant
Grit Belitz health & safety: Germany
Markus Bensch production executive
John D. Bert craft service
John Bilicki helicopter mockup tech: Scroggins Aviation
Hayden Bilson armorer
Ashley Lyn Blair stand-in: Elizabeth Olsen
Milena Bolouri production assistant: second unit
Justin James Boykin utility
Alex Boyum picture cars assistant
David Michael Brown key craft service
Gero Brugmann legal counsel: Studio Babelsberg
A.J. Bruno additional set production assistant
Trisha Burton script supervisor: additional photography
Mitchell Callisch production assistant
Nicholas Carranza first assistant accountant
Kenneth Carroll armorer assistant
Cara Chooljian key production security
Katelyn Cocherell accounting clerk
Tamara Coleman construction accounting clerk
Ari Costa assistant to directors
Barry Curtis security manager
Johanna Dathe production secretary 2nd unit
Elmar David physical assets assistant
Anthony J. Davis second assistant accountant
Derron Delaney key set medic
Thomas Deming-Henes assistant to Mr. Rudd
Kartik Deo senior it analyst
James D. Dever military technical advisor
Josh Dillard location assistant
Kenya Dillard shipping coordinator
Michael Dorner payroll accountant
Jennifer Elmore office production assistant
Jim Ely senior linux engineer
Luis R. Estrella-Rivera location scout – puerto rico
Thomas Fatora assistant to daniel brühl / assistant to paul bettany
Riley Flanagan set production assistant
Amanda Fordham body double/ stand in scarlett johansson
Adrienne Franciscus assistant production coordinator: Atlanta
Alexander Gaeta Assistant to Ms. Alonso
Corey Gilbert key assistant location manager
Kelly Gill production assistant
Jessica Grabowski travel assistant
Bill Graver storage engineer
Jeff Harper network engineer: Photonics
Rabeah Hinrichs assistant accountant: Germany
Anna Hintzen accounting assistant
Emily Hoang assistant to director: Mr. Razatos
Brianna Hoskins assistant production coordinator
Noah Howard medic
Tristan Hume location coordinator: Germany
Annie Jackson media specialist
Katie Jackson set production assistant
Kevin Jacobs production assistant
Sven Jenuwein set manager: Germany
Quanita Johnson first assistant accountant
Jacob Johnston visual development producer
Catherine Kagan key assistant location manager
Alexander Paul Kahn additional production assistant
Gleb Kaminer additional voices
Justin Kell motorcycle builder
Kristi King payroll clerk
Jenny Kissoon office production assistant
Renee Kitterman key second assistant accountant
Christie Kwan production coordinator
Ivette Ledon production accountant
Adam Lee additional set production assistant
Eliot Lehrman production assistant
Ron Licari armorer
James Lin Supervising Location Manager
Matt Lindquist voice actor
Dale Liner Military Technical Advisor
Joshua Loiko first assistant accountant
Paul Lowe second unit: medic
Marilyn Madsen manufacturing foreperson
Lee Philip Malin security coordinator
Suzanne Mayger production assistant: post production
Kerry Lyn McKissick Script Supervisor
Jamall Rashaud McMillan stand-in
Mariant Medina production secretary: Puerto Rico Unit
Dexter W. Mills second assistant accountant
Matthew Morrissey computer playback supervisor
Len Murach location manager: plate unit
Katie Murphy production assistant: second unit
Margaret E. Neal second assistant production accountant
Trey Neely key assistant location manager
Frédéric North Camera pilot brazil
Richie Palmer production assistant
Mitul Patel security
Ryan J. Pezdirc set production assistant
John M. Pisani unit publicist
Dustin Pitan key assistant location manager
Ryan Potter vice president: business and legal affairs
Matthew Prokopek production assistant
Ben Pronsky adr voice actor
Ceres Regnum moldmaker
Frank Reina Assistant to 2nd Unit Director
Bruce Roberts key set production assistant 2nd unit
Henriette Rodenwald production assistant: second unit, Germany
Eleni Roussos digital asset coordinator
Riccarda Russo assistant director production assistant
Nick Sampson production assistant
Ashley Renee Saunders Housing Coordinator
Andrew Schark payroll accountant
Trevor Schliefer production assistant: second unit
Doug Scroggins III supervisor helicopter tech advisor
Sarah Shepherd dialect coach
Jake Simon-Gersuk set production assistant
David Skato production assistant
Stefano Smith second unit medic
Robin Spears set production assistant
Andrew Stamm directors’ and producers’ assistant
Terence V. Steele production assistant
Gabrielle Stein production assistant
Cheryl A. Stone production finance controller
Steve Swisher additional set production assistant
Joel Thingvall researcher
James Edward Tilden key set production assistant
Trinh Tran creative executive
Angie Ward Assistant Asset Manager
Trenton Waterson assistant to executive producer
Paige Wiese accounting clerk
Marie Wildenhain assistant to co-producer: Mr. Henning Molfenter
Cordell Willis additional set production assistant
Cornell Willis set production assistant
Megan S. Willis production assistant
Mari Wilson script supervisor: second unit
Matt Winter location scout – london
Heather Witherill stand-in: Emily VanCamp
Nancy Wong key assistant location manager
Mariam Yacoub production secretary
Larry Zanoff armorer
Sonja B. Zimmer production executive
David Vendl accounting clerk (uncredited)

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  • Release Date: 6 May 2016 (USA)
  • Other Names of Movie:- Captain America 3

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