Is makeup important for Karishma Tanna more than anything else in the bigg boss 8 house?

karishma makup fight with gautam

Dailysoap television star Krishma Tanna is now in the India’s biggest really show bigg boss 8. In the first week, she had a quarrel with Gautam Gulati because Karishma was crossing all her limits to win the task of bigg boss by applying red pepper on contestants of opposite team. Gautam shouted on her and abused her. She was gone angry and said she will not do task. She was demanding only disqualification. Gautam apolozied Karishma but she constantly saying” I  need disqualification bigg boss”. We know abusing girl is not the sign of men. But he is still human. We all make mistakes and apologies for doing  them and move on.

But in the house, every house mate is standing against him. Gautam was very upset. Krishma made big issue on this After that, she is ready to do task and very eagar to win. Soni Singh and Sukirti was upset on Karishma because they quit task for Karishma and she even have time to thank them. Salman said the day will  definitely come, when you will abuse another house mate and no one will stand by your side.

karishma makup fight with gautam
People called her selfish. She said everyone is selfish in this world. So what is wrong with her attitude?  In the past two episodes, She and Gautam was given task in the confession room by bigg boss. They were blind folded and had to answer just by showing yes or no cards to big boss. Housmates were watching them through television. Karishma and gautam don’t know that they are watching them. Gautam and Tanna said no to pizza and ice cream offered by bigg boss. Karishma said yes for her makeup and no for saving one contestant and releasing Sushant from the punishment of bigg boss. But she need only makeup to hide her pimples. She showed her real face behind her beauty. Gautam is underestimated contestant of bigg boss house because he want to release Sushant from punishment even through Suhant is nominating Gautam from the first week of the bigg boss.

karishma makup fight with gautam
Karishma is so selfish that she even ignored her friend Sushant. Housemates hug Gautam and upset at her. But she was trying to make nonsense excuses. This is her real face and people are calling her vampire of the television. She is the villain of the house. Now, we understand why people love Gautam because he is the best. Everyone is selfish in this world but there is humanity in them. For god sake, don’t forget your humanity.
Updated: January 7, 2016 — 6:13 am

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