Reasons why Pritam Singh is one of the favourite contestant of everyone in big boss season 8

big boss contestant pritam singh

Pritam singh is  the contestants of big boss season 8. He is  an actor, anchor, casting director, radio jockey and entertainer. Due his versatility, he become the favourite contestant of everybody who watch big boss season 8. He has great sense of humour like comedy king Kapil Sharma. His jokes are  so good that people get attracted towards him.

  He is born in Nagpur. He started his career as an actor in Mumbai as villain in ‘ escape from Taliban’. He is very good speaker.  Due to this quality, he was given break in Radio Mirchi in Mumbai. People call him rj Pritam Pyare. He hosted ‘Hello Nagpur’ there. After this  he got an offer from Red FM Mumbai. His new show ’11 se  2  bhabhi ka show’  topped radio’s popularity chart.
He is also winner of  the  Lifeok’s  show Welcome- baazi mehmaan nawai ki’.

 Now he is contestant of big boss 8. He is doing great in the show. People love him. He laugh at his jokes and his  way of talking. Specially his “churan talk’ is so funny.   The best thing about him is he spreads joy not rumours. He stood for Gautam Gulati when every house mate is against him. Salman khan appreciated him for his stand for Gautam.

Once Urvashi asked contestants to rank themselves on the basis of popularity among people. He ranked himself on 12 number. Urvashi asked him why he ranked him on last. He replied that there is a chance to grow on last but  there is no possibility of growth on first. Urvashi ranked him number no 1.
He is my favourite contestant in the house of big boss. He is very balanced person and no where to speak and where not. He is not double faced. Contestant in the house are jealous of him Because he is becoming favourite of everyone. His co- contestants are playing  cheap games  in the house in order to gather people attention. He is very funny and sensible.  So don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestant Pritam Singh.

Updated: January 7, 2016 — 8:58 am

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